Hyderabad more than just a city

A city of the future, with a rich past.
Hyderabad, the capital city of Andhra Pradesh is the fifth largest metropolitan city in India. The city boasts of a 400 year old rich heritage, resplendent with splendour and an amalgamation of diverse cultures, where tradition and modernity coexist in perfect harmony. This was the former seat of the wealthy Nizam of Hyderabad and today bustles with ancestral heritage that blends well with the modern IT sector. The city is the financial and economic capital of the state, and happens to be the largest contributor to the State's gross domestic product, state taxes and excise revenues. Known for its hospitality, the local, characteristic and vibrant Hyderabadi language is a mix of Hindi, Urdu and Telugu with its own distinct flavour.

Modern Cosmopolitan Hub
Today global companies have their offices and campuses right here, and the city never sleeps with global outsourcing work happening on a 24x7 basis. From IT to Medicare to Biotechnology to Retail, Hyderabad is a place that people visit from all corners of the globe. The city stands out as a strategic hub that connects with the rest of the world. Being one of the most important economic hubs in the country, the city has grown over the years in industry, trade and travel. Hyderabad is known for its booming IT and IT Enabled Services, Pharmaceuticals, Entertainment, Retail, Medical & other technological services. It is also one of the major centers for Call Center and BPO firms. Supporting this huge infrastructural development, are colleges in the city as well as in the State, which help channel talent and keep the wheels of progress turning. The areas of industrial growth in Hyderabad over the past few years also include industries ranging from Automobile and Textiles to Food and Agro Processing, Petroleum, Chemicals and Fertilizers, Biotechnology, Poultry and Energy Saving Devices.